Broadwalk: Ticket to Thrive

May 1st 2021

Image by Red Bank Pulse


The BroadWalk, beginning on May 1st 2021, is the second iteration of Red Bank’s newest type of curated customer experience. Open to pedestrians only, with allocated time for deliveries, the BroadWalk invites visitors to walk the town freely and enjoy the ambiance next to renowned local Red Bank businesses. A perfect opportunity to try out your new favorite restaurants with socially distanced dining and explore discounted gifts and services!

In 2020, the BroadWalk’s Red Blank Plaza was commended for its success and featured on the cover of tourist magazine Monmouth Travels.


The Red Bank Business Alliance has organized a promotional event during the BroadWalk where select businesses will offer 5-15% off their items. Visitors are encouraged to pick up a “Ticket to Thrive” at _____ and collect 10 punches for a chance to win a mystery grand prize!

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